Lo-Budg Productions' Website, at last. Here will be archived all the updates from our productions, as well as VFX tests, in a more organized fashion than in the blog.

This is only the beginning...

So... you've reached our Website. Feel free to poke around and see what we've got.

Let me make a small introduction: My name is Filipe Monteiro. I created this company with my brother, Tiago Monteiro and my two sisters, Claudia and Sofia Monteiro. We are all interested in Films and when, in September '07, I started learning how to do my own Visual Effects, we decided to create a company.

We are all Portuguese. Me and my brothers are from Porto. Our town is a quiet place and, at the same time, it's close to every school, supermarket and big center that you would want to be near to.

That's basically us. We still don't have much work done, but, until fairly recently, I wasn't taking the leadership of this company very seriously. Now I am. As I gain more skills, I get more ideas.

We have some plans made for future films that we hope that we can make.

Thanks for reading

Lo-Budg Productions Director,
Filipe Monteiro

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